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Welcome to Erika's Closet

“Clothing One Community at a Time”

Board Of Directors

Vice President: Ms. Brittany Crews
Treasurer: Mrs. Nellie Ford
Secretary: Ms. Helen Bohanna
Additional Members: Ms. Tomeka Bohanna
Mr. John Smith Mr. Antonio Covington

Our Mission

is to be a resource to those in need that are transitioning out of incarceration, individuals that are homeless and failed on hard times, with the essential items necessary for daily living and the workforce

Our Vision

is to be a catalyst that provides the fundamentals skills, training and resources that put individuals in a strategic place of stability so they can become productive in the society.

Core Values

We believe
in respecting each other and honoring each person’s human rights regardless of 
their race, creed, color, sexual orientation, or disability.

We believe that every person should be have the essential needs to live, to feel human and to 
grow without being violated, discriminated against, or stigmatized due to their past.

We believe everyone should be respected, treated with dignity, and treated with compassion.

We believe that everyone deserves chances to change their past to a better future.

We believe in providing skills needed to prepare individuals to become successful.

We believe in challenging individuals for greatness and praising the small victories. 

We believe in providing the highest quality of ethical standards to the people and families we 
serve and support.